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Sisters Rachel Lom and Dr. Jody Jedlicka have created a podcast where we discuss issues that promote success, encourage personal growth, and provide a community of support. 

We have always found that sharing conversation and ideas with our sisters creates amazing energy that we wanted to share with others.


We invite you to join us in "the hood."

Rachel is a gifted freelance writer whose work has earned awards not only in her home state of Wisconsin but nationally as well.  She uses her exceptional communication ability to earn her living and, perhaps more importantly, she uses it in her everyday interactions to connect with the people lucky enough to be around her.  She and her husband, Eric are a fiercely devoted couple who take on the joys and challenges of life as true partners.  They have 4 children who they are raising to be good humans who appreciate family and will undoubtedly contribute in positive ways to the world. 


As the 3rd sister of 4, simply because of birth order and age difference, she was born the odd person out.  She was required to develop her considerable super powers as a means of survival.  The 2 that are most awe inspiring are:

  • Her remarkable ability to communicate (noticing a theme?).  She has the rare combination of not only being able to convey information powerfully but, perhaps even more notably, she is an extraordinary listener.  When you have a conversation with her, you feel totally and completely heard. 

  • Her second and related talent is insight. This is her ability to sift through massive amounts of verbal rambling, sort it out, boil it down and formulate a thoughtful reply which will include the key points, and how they relate to the big picture.  She delivers all of this with thoughtfulness, directness and respect.

Meet Rachel

Freelance Writer and sister #3

A Few Things You Should Know About my Sister:
  • You should always allow extra time.  Whether it is ordering lunch or choosing her outfit, it’s not going to happen until she has thoroughly considered all the possibilities.  That being said, it will always be right…so, order what she’s having. 

  • It’s in your best interest not to point out the whole “needing extra time” thing.

  • She appreciates great humor. 

  • She is kind.  She will always give you the benefit of the doubt. 

  • She is forgiving although you rarely need to ask forgiveness because she just doesn’t take things personally. 

  • She is all that I aspire to be.

Meet Jody

Audiologist and Sister #1
Jody Love is the new black photo.jpg

Jody Jedlicka, AuD, spends her days working as an audiologist helping people engage more fully in their lives by improving their hearing. Like most super heroes, Dr. Jody also has a full and exciting life outside of her day job as a wife to one amazing man for more than 30 years, mother to three wonderful children (and mother-in-law to a couple of other wonderful humans who love her children), grandma to five adorable grandchildren, and dog-mom to Mikey.

Dr. Jody came by her super powers naturally as the first-born sister of four girls (she does not like the term “oldest”). The rest of us all want to be just like her when we grow up…she makes it look easy, but it’s harder than it looks!

  • If she recommends a TV show, don’t question her.  Just watch it. She is always right. She gave me Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory. She is a genius.

  • She is incredibly generous in every way, and I am often in awe of her ability to give time, talent, and energy without expecting anything in return.

  • Despite any fear she may or may not have, she takes action on important things in life better and more regularly than anyone else I know. She has started multiple businesses, sold everything and moved to Hawaii, and successfully and repeatedly reinvented her career and vision for her life to always maximize her joy in her current circumstance.

  • She is my idol.

  • She has great hair. (To be fair, she puts some effort into having great hair.)

  • I love her commitment to curiosity and always learning new things.

A Few Things You Should Know About my Sister:

What I Specialize In

LISTEN TO our first 5 podcasts!  

  • Meet the Sisters and Join the Sisterhood!

  • The Benefit of the Doubt

  • Taking Action

  • Re-Inventing Yourself

  • Finding and Using Mentors


Our Favorite Things are products, services, books, etc. that we really use and find impactful in our lives and naturally recommend to our sisters.  We want to share them with you, too!


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