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Ep. 16 Our Favorite Things: The Holiday Gift Guide Edition

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

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Favorite Things for Kids, Full List

Detachable Wubanub

Dimpl (6+ months)

OBalls (3+ months)

Play Kitchen (18+ months)

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (18+ months)

Melissa and Doug Coffee Maker (18+ months)

Cleaning Set (18+ months)

Bristle Blocks (18+ months)

Mini Hatchimal Surprise Eggs (3-6 years)

Magnatiles (3+ years)

Design and Drill Toys (3+ years)

Marble Run (4-11 years)

Sky Nook (3+ years, 220lbs)

Orbeez Magic Water Beads (4+ years)

Playmobil Sets (4+ years)

Buildopolis (4+ years)

Chewy Necklace for any age with sensory needs

Porcelain Tea Set

Disney Plus Streaming Service

For Teens

Popsockets for a cell phone

Diamond Art Painting (14+ years)

Polaroid Camera (10+ years)

String and clips to hang photos

Message Board (12+ years)

Hydroflask 32 oz water bottle

Hydroflask straw lid

Stickers for hydroflask from Little Things Designs on Instagram @littlethings.designs


Mobile Phone Charger

UbioLabs wireless charging pad

Spike Ball

Subscription to The Athletic

Burts Bees:

Gift Cards, Gas, clothes, restaurants, car wash



Code Names (10+ years)

Splendor (10+ years)

Pandemic (16+ years)

Rumikub (10+ years)

Spike Ball


The Game of Things

Books (Kids)

Little Blue Truck (0+ years)

The Good Egg (3+ years)

Ten in a Bed (2-5 years)

Love Monster (2-6 years)

Pat the Bunny (0+ years)

Touch and Feel Wild Animals (0+ years)

Usborne Books, 1001 Things to Spot

High Lights Hidden Pictures Box Set

Customized Photo books

Books (Pre-Teen - Young Adult)

The Hate You Give

Matched Series

Hocus Pocus: The All New Sequel

High Lights Hidden Pictures Box Set

Books (New Adult 19+ years)

Red, White and Royal Blue

The Hating Game

The Simple Wild (or any K.A. Tucker books)

The Bromance Book Club series

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

From Blood and Ash Series

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah


Joycuff Bracelets

Hydroflask Growler

Hydroflask wine bottle

Hydroflask Coffee cups

Burts Bees:

Amazon Prime Video



Blue Tooth Speaker/Firelight Lantern

Brick Blue Tooth Speaker

Ravean coat and matching gloves:

Heated Mattress Pad

UbioLabs wireless charging pad

Apple Air Pods

Airpod Charging Cases

Make-ahead meals such as lasagna or crock pot meals

Verilux Lightbox

Photo Calendar

Revlon In Styler

Nutribullet 900

Collapsible Colander

DIY framed Photos

Woodworking custom branding stamp

Gag Gift Boxes

Rules for Family Combo Game

Family Combo Game:

1) Everyone writes down 3 words or phrases on slips of paper and puts into a bowl.

2) Split into teams (could be more than two teams if you have a lot of people).

3) Each team gets 30 seconds to guess as many words as possible and continues to switch to all the teams until the words are gone for that round.


1) Say anything to describe the word/phrase except the word itself or rhyming words.

Put all the slips back into the bowl between rounds. You now know all the words/phrases but the rounds get harder to describe them!

2) No talking! Act out the words/phrases to get your team to guess. (Think Charades)

3) No gestures. You get ONE WORD to get your team to guess. You can pass and come back to it, but you only get that same one word.

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