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Ep. 33 How to be the CEO of your life: Tips from Mom and CEO, Kim Hanson

Sisters Dr. Jody and Rachel have long believed that being a good parent and being a good business leader basically require all of the same skills. Things like:

  • Setting Clear Expectations

  • Consistency

  • Good listening

  • Helping people identify their unique strengths and then supporting their development

Fine tuning those skills provides an opportunity to “be the CEO of your life.” It affects every aspect of life! Guest Kim Hanson shares some life lessons and principles to live by that help her balance being a mother of four and CEO of a global company. ____________________________________________ This episode is sponsored by LearningRx.

Sisterhood of Success listeners can get 50% off a cognitive skills assessment (Gibson Test) and a one-on-one consultation with a brain training expert from LearningRx.

Receive a free brain training resources bundle which includes the book, Unlock the Einstein Inside, co-authored by Kim Hanson

Favorite Things:

Taking a walk with your spouse/partner/friend (no link needed) If you would like to support the podcast, you can "Buy Me a Coffee" at

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